Teddy & Tom is a digital webcomic which features the adventures, flights of fancy, and odd antics of teddy bear and a tom cat who just happen to be best friends.  It is updated once a week (check out my Patreon page to learn more about what it will take to publish more toons per week).


A Message from Nick

‘Teddy & Tom’ began as an exercise in sequential art. I had been itching to adapt some of my stories into graphic novels, but starting in on the task proved daunting – especially since I had little experience in the medium. I decided to get familiar with the techniques used to produce graphic novels by starting small… with a comic strip. Teddy happened to be a character I’d been sketching for a while (check out some of my sketchbook images in the portfolio section of my personal website), and I simply adapted him to the strip format along with a new character, Tom.

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While the tone of comics tend towards the humorous, I wanted ‘Teddy & Tom’ to be a blend of laughs and thoughtful dialogue. In other words, I didn’t want to only pen gags – I wanted to address the nuances, problems, and contradictions of life in an intelligent and meaningful (but also palpable) way. I wanted it to be a strip which people of all ages could enjoy.

The strip is still a work in progress, but it has certainly become one of my favorite projects yet.

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